Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Dr. Vodder Method

Learn with the best! represents the affiliated Dr. Vodder School teachers in the UK. All have been highly and carefully trained in the UK and in Austria by teachers accredited by the Dr. Vodder-Schule and Clinic in Austria, supervised by Professor Hildegard Wittlinger who trained and worked for over 30 years with Dr. Emil Vodder, who originally developed Manual Lymph Drainage.

1) The Dr. Vodder Academy International has changed the names of the Vodder Method Courses as follows:-

Old Name Now Called
Basic Course Level 1
Therapy I Course Level 2
Therapy II and III Course Level 3

2) Going Digital !

Work is in hand to provide the theory for Levels 1 and 2 on an E - learning platform which will be accessible before the practical Level I course. As further details become available we will let you know more about this exciting development.

If you are looking for a course you need look no further.

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